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Receiver of Global Coaching Leadership Award and Global HR Excellence Award

The Global Business Guide

The definitive book on coaching implementation and optimisation in companies available as paperback and ebook in the book trade worldwide:

The Global Business Guide
for the successful use of
Coaching in Organisations

2013 Edition

by Frank Bresser
Receiver Global Coaching Leadership Award
and Global HR Excellence Award

2013 Edition, 364 pages, BoD, 2013
edited by A. Bouch

ISBN 978-3-8482-5378-4 (Paperback)
ISBN 978-3-8482-4728-8 (Ebook)

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It is available in the traditional book trade worldwide as well.

The book contains:

7 leading-edge management tools for the successful use and optimisation of coaching in companies

23 detailed company case studies from across the globe (e.g. SAP, MTN, BBC, a Chinese producer of optical devices, NASA, T-Mobile, Ramada Hotel, Pepsico, Nordea Bank).

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