Expertise on Coaching in Companies for 15 Years
Receiver of Global Coaching Leadership Award and Global HR Excellence Award

Global Coaching Leadership Award

Frank Bresser Consulting, specializing in the successful use and optimization of coaching in companies, received the 'Global Coaching Leadership Award' at the World Coaching Congress 2013.

'This acknowledgement is a great honour, confirmation and encouragement for the whole Frank Bresser Consulting team and the future FBC Global Limited team', says Frank Bresser. 'Receiving the second well-respected global award within two years [Global HR Excellence Award in 2011] shows us that obviously we are doing something right.'
This renowned prize is a 'Best in Class Coaching Leadership Award' conferred by the jury.

Frank Bresser Consulting was the first to develop and define the systematic and strategic optimization of coaching in companies as a distinct discipline. The firm advises businesses/ organisations on the successful use of coaching worldwide. Frank Bresser is the author of The global business guide for the successful use of coaching in organisations (2013, 2010) and of Coaching across the globe (2013).

'We offer CEOs/boards/HR/L&D/OD directors/managers a range of consultancy services around the design, implementation and optimization of coaching initiatives, and fully tailor our services to the specific needs of each company', says Mr Bresser.

Bresser Consulting also initiated and conducted leading-edge coaching research projects which have gained worldwide acclaim like the European and Global Coaching Survey and the Coaching Research Project on the implementation of coaching in companies.

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