Inner Business Sailing
Coaching & Consulting & Wellness in 1 Service for your Managers

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Your Inner Sailing & Inner Business Sailing, developed by Frank Bresser, received three Awards in 2017:

Do you wish a relaxed, smooth space for effective self-reflection for one of your managers or e.g. your Board of Directors, with individually tailored consultancy, necessary seriousness, joy and a positive effect on the sense of well-being?

Inner Business Sailing is an individual business service that uniquely combines coaching, wellness and expert consultancy elements (psychological as well as managerial, as needed) in one service. Its special value has been recognized by three awards in 2017, e.g. as "Best Coaching & Consultancy Service, Germany".

Inner Business Sailing, you could say, is the "Your Inner Sailing for Firms".

Provider (and developer) of Your Inner Sailing & Inner Business Sailing is Frank Bresser. He has been working in the coaching & consultancy sector for nearly 20 years, is a trained and qualified Coach (Diploma) and Manager (MBA), author of renowned expert publications and the winner of numerous, international awards.






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